Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day 10 - Hubby is TOTES ADORBS

Hey, so, do you guys remember my 100 day blog challenge

Me neither.

I started it nearly one year ago. 

Nice, I know. 

But I've come back to it tonight, and I'm expected to tell you about someone or something I am proud of. 

Well goll-ey me, I am proud of Hubby. 

Not only did he recently;

a) play guitar at his brother's wedding (AHmazing);
b) start bossing around managing a couple of guys at work; and,
c) listen to my whining do some vacuuming, grass cutting, laundry washing, AND grocery shopping (commendable, no?) ...

But he is also entirely TOTES. ADORBS. 

Last night, for example, Hubby was considering potential lunch recipes.  He brought me to hysterical laughter when his characteristic confused sideways head-tilt, hair-scratch, and face-scrunch reminded so much of Pa-in-law that I wanted to immediately call Ma-in-law.  Only it was 8:40 and I suspected she'd be sleeping. 

In another example, despite the fact that Hubby bought $300 worth of groceries tonight (PUKE), he was most excited about his purchase of several pieces of glass tupperware (tupperware isn't glass I suppose, but fuck off). 

Glass tupperware is something I've wanted for a very long time (I'm a boring old lady, I know, but fuck off), so naturally I was moderately interested.  Hubby, though, sat on the floor like a kid a Christmas unpacking his new acquisition. 

Hubby: "It's a good brand too!"

Me: "How do you know?"

Hubby: "Because I researched."

Yes, he really said that.  And yes, I burst into laughter. 

These are only a few recent examples of Hubby's adorability.  I'll be sure to re-read this next time he pisses me off.   


  1. Wow, I'm jealous. My husband thinks he's discovered a cure for Rickets because he saves the empty butter tub, washes it, and proclaims it to be Tupperware.

  2. This post reminded me of a recent tweet : If you call Starbucks "Starbs," I hope you get totes murds


  3. Aw, that's so cute! My husband totally does stuff like this. It's kind of like going back in time & seeing them as little kids haha.

    1. Not sure Hubby ever stopped being a kid! ;)