Monday, 7 November 2011

You should be following me on twitter. Or on iPhone.

You may already know that I recently got a kickass new iPhone.  And if I wasn't addicted to twitter before, well, you know. 

And on top of that, now I can text my friends and family and Hubby as often as I like.  In fact, I pretty much just copy my tweets and text them to people who don't follow me on twitter.  BECAUSE THEY SHOULD BE FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER. 

Anyway, I love that Hubby and I can text whenever we want now.  We always emailed often, but texting is more fun.  Especially when you get to see it in the fun iPhone format with the little talking bubbles.  The talking bubbles are the best part. 

Problem is, Hubby leaves his iPhone in the car while he's at work, so he misses my many clever texts.  And my not-so-clever texts.  And my emergency texts.  Like when there's a fire alarm at work. 


  1. I just recently discovered texting myself!

  2. I love my bberry basically because I can text and use twitter... lol.

  3. Fire drills at work are always kind of a disappointment. On one hand, you get a free 10 minute or so break outdoors. But on the other hand, if work really WERE on fire, you'd probably get the entire afternoon off.

    Also, I'm glad your fire drill was a fire drill, and that you're not dead.

    Nice phone, by the way :)

  4. thank you for teaching me how to screen shot this.
    I love my new iPhone.
    Also, thank you for texting me. So friggin awesome.
    And? how do I get my message bubbles blue? They're currently an ugly green.....
    Glad you survived your drill.
    Remind me to tell you about the time I spent a fire drill hiding in the closet of a boy's dorm room.

  5. but. . . but. . . if he leaves it in his car how can he tweet? how can he words with friends?? how can he Angry Birds??? how can he read blogs????

    I do follow you on twitter.

  6. Fox - Yay for texting!

    chemgirl - exactly! That's all I wanted it for too.

    Ang - And I had to walk down 21 flights of stairs! It is so scary to wait for them to announce our floor too.

    S - Are you kidding! I love texting you! I think blue and green depends on if you're texting someone who has an iPhone themselves or not. I WILL remind you to tell me that.

    Jim - I know, right?! I think he's worried it'll get damaged. He is addicted to angry birds though. And he has to replay all the levels (including 3 stars) because when he transfered from his iPod to his iPhone he lost all his bird history. Sucker! Yay for following me on twitter! You win.

  7. I would give up groceries before I would give up my iPhone and my unlimited data plan.

    Texting? Why would anybody text when you can share your brilliant and witty conversations with the world via twitter? I can't get my RL best friend to tweet, but we text like fiends. So I do the opposite of what you do: I copy and paste our texts to my twitter. Or my blog on an especially good day.

  8. I stalk you...errr follow you on Twitter.

    I am looking forward to some Iphone epic failures from auto correct... you MUST screen save those and post!

  9. I want an iPhone so so so so bad! I am really jealous. I'm glad you didn't die in the not fire.

  10. PS you really should get disqus. jus sayin

  11. Honestly. Has Hubby never heard of these things called 'pockets'? Cell phones fit in them PERFECTLY.

  12. Handflapper - Texts pasted to twitter is another excellent appraoch.

    Carmen - Oh yes, autocorrect is a crazy mofo.

    Madge - Thanks. I am also glad I didn't die in the not fire. I'll look into disqus, I just hate that other comment programs don't seem to be all that compatible with blogger...

    Mel - He works on a job site all day! Too risky!

  13. The only way I could get into the texting thing was to get a phone with a keyboard. My thumbs aren't dextrous enough for the iPhone touch screen thing. Bleh.

    But I really love the texts. You should post these on a regular basis. As soon as I can get my butt into gear I'm going to draw up some little comic strip versions of my and Jex's "misunderstandings".

  14. Doesn't everyone follow you on twitter? Why wouldn't they? Hubby shouldn't miss texts from you about possible fire's quite rude.

    Also, the a-hole I was doing a project for fired a text.

  15. I have an I-phone. Let me rephrase that, my kids have my I-phone. Right now a minion is playing Angry birds with it. Sigh.

  16. Ashes - The touch screen is a tricky a-hole, but I'm getting used to it. Misunderstandings! Ha!

    jacqui - They should be. If they aren't they are wankers. That guy is also a WANKER!

    Lizbeth - Oh, brutal! No way man. IT'S ALL MINE!