Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The little shit knew JUST what she was doing

As you know quite well, I'M A CAT PERSON. 

I have two adorable family members of the feline variety, as well as several cat relatives and cat friends.  I fancy myself a bit of a cat whisperer. 

I'm like Elmyra.  I see a cat - any cat - and I run toward it.  "Kiiiiiitttttty!!!"  It could be a flea-infested, matted mongrel in a little New Orleans bistro and I'll still chase it down.   

My Quasi Step Dad has a cat.  Breyer.  She's grumpy and rude, but I bribe her with treats. 

My pregnant twin-mom friend has a cat.  One time her husband was calling it and I responded with repeated meows from the basement.  It took him a few minutes to figure it out, while my friend and I laughed hysterically.  The cat was outside all along. 

I even have blogger cat friends.  Miss Jacqui and Miss Sarcasm have cats.  But Jacqui thinks hers is evil, and Miss Sarcasm says hers belongs to the devil.  At least I adore them - even if it is from a distance. 

One of my closest cat friends is Miss Mittens.  Mittsie lives next door.  Her legs and head are disproportionately small for her body and her toes are white.  She cuddles with me when I house-sit.

Mittens is a rabble rouser.  

One time she took off out the front door.  It was cold and rainy and I just couldn't leave her, so I followed her out into the front yard.  She led me across her yard, then across my yard, then into my other neighbours' yard - all the while staying just out of my reach.  Then she ducked under my fence and into my backyard.  "Damn it Mittsie!"

I gave up and went back to her house.  But when I glanced out the back door, she was sitting on the edge of her pool drinking the water.  "You little shit."

I crept outside to get her, but her mama didn't raise no fool.  "Nope" she said.  She was obviously cold, the little r-tard, but she led me around the pool anyway, allowing me to inch closer and closer, but not close enough.  Finally she stopped, so I scooped her up and brought her in. 

The stupid bugger knew JUST what she was doing.  She was happy to come inside. It just had to be on HER terms. 

Well, I guess I can relate to that.   

Adorable Mittsie

Mittens died last week, very tragically and unexpectedly.  Thinking of you my little darling. 


  1. The story of Mittens reminds me of my dog when she finds herself outside of the fence. They are smarter creatures than some people think.

    I am sorry Mittens died. My pups are like my children, and I get weepy even thinking about losing them.

  2. It sounds like Mittens was an awesome cat. I'm sorry she passed away.

  3. Aw. Glad you have good memories of her, remembering really does keep them with us.

  4. awww... I love kitties as well. I'm sorry for your loss... it's so hard to lose a kitty.

  5. Angie - Oh, they're totally smart. They've got it figured out! Thanks.

    Ang - Me too :(

    Ashes - I"m glad I have the picture, actually. I just took it a few weeks ago with my kickass new iPhone.

    Jaime - Very sad. :( Thanks.

  6. I'm so sorry for you loss. That picture shows that she was such a pretty kitty. I'm glad you have happy memories of her. I'll be giving my two extra hugs tonight.

  7. While I am most definitely not a cat person, I never like to hear about any animal dying. I am so sorry for your loss. xx

  8. So sad... sorry for you and your neighbors.

  9. Christina - She sure was "puuurty". :) Thanks.

    Fox - Thanks hon. You should rethink the whole no cats thing though. They're so cute!

    Beans!! lol - Thank you. But neighboUrs is spelled with a U. ;)

  10. Oh no! Mittens was adorable and I thought this was a happy story. I had a smile on my face right until the end...why did you trick me into smiling??

    I'm really sorry about Mittens! :(

    P.S. Also...I came by here yesterday and didn't see this post. I don't know how that could happen.

  11. Neighbors is only spelled with a U if you're some sort of weird Canadian person.

    This is such a sad post! My fat, lazy, grouchy kitty is getting up there in cat-years and it makes me cringe to think about the inevitable. Sometimes I'm not even sure why I have pets because I bawl my eyes out when something happens, as it always seems to. :/


  12. jacqui - I know. Sorry. It *is* a happy story, though. Happy memories.

    mel - No! It's Brits too! Thanks :)

  13. I'm so sorry. I had 2 cats and they were bat-sh*t crazy and drove me nuts for 19 years. And then they died. And I miss them still. I feel your pain and I'm sorry.

  14. Lizbeth - Thanks hon. I'm sorry about your kitties too. Even if they were batshit crazy. ;)