Sunday, 13 November 2011

Is there anything better than shopping with Hubby?

Today was Day Two of a very challenging two-day shopping excursion with Hubby.  And there ain't gonna be a Day Three. 

Day One's primary purpose was to find a cover for my kickass new iPhone.  I want to replace the Plain Jane one I already use.  And although I also have a SWEET pink lizard skin cover, it doesn't provide sufficient protection from the high likelihood that I will drop and/or smash my little gem within mere months, weeks, or even days of owning it. 


Hubby followed me into Future Shop, Best Buy, Bell, Rogers, Fido, Koodo, The Source, and every other phone-related store in Canada.  And of course I never found the perfect cover.  I might just have to design it myself.  I basically want it to be identical to my awesome pink lizard skin, but with better smash-protection. Too picky, according to Hubby. 

As a secondary purpose to yesterday's shopping trip, we were also keeping our eyes peeled for a new winter coat for Hubby.  Winter up in the Great White North is nothing to sneeze at (unless you don't have a warm enough parka so you catch a cold and can't stop sneezing). 

So today, Hubby's coat became the primary purpose of venturing outwardly, and my iPhone cover got unapologetically shoved to the back burner. 

Well, didn't Hubby try a million effing coats.  And of course the one he liked best was $1,050.  Yes, One Thousand and Fifty.  ONE THOUSAND.  I don't even know how he got to the point of trying it on in the first place. 

So we walked our asses all over the biggest mall in town only to end up back at the first store, debating over the very first coat. 

No it doesn't look too tight.  Yes the sleeves are a little long.  But yes, it will be very warm - 80% wool is very warm.  Yes, I love that it's grey.  It fits well.  Do you really need to lift your arms overhead? The pockets are nice. No, your money won't fall out of them.

I eventually just sat in the corner ignoring him while he hemmed and hawed. 

And of course he ended up buying it. 

By that time, I had abandoned whatever meagre interest I originally had.  Just make a decision.  And even though he claims he'd be quite pleased to go without me, we both know I'd get stuck returning whatever piece of shit he came home with.  Like last time, with the bumble bee polo shirt. 

There was one highlight of today's trip, however. 

Some poor old bat was driving like a sleeping toad, and to make matters worse, she proceeded to plough herself over the curb of the mall parking lot and TOTALLY BUST HER TIRE. 

I was so surprised that I couldn't even laugh as hard as I wanted to.  She totally demolished it.  Flattest. Tire. In Canada. 

I simply could NOT resist taking this:

Ha! Shitty buzz. 

At least my day wasn't that bad.


  1. winter coats are definitely important in Canada... and if you want a good break resistant case get an otter case.. it's not the prettiest case in the world but my bf had one for his and he dropped his a couple times and it didn't bust... so there's that.

    you could always bedazzle it, right?

  2. That was me. On my way to see you. You can forget it now. Way to be an asshole. And that was a long damn drive, too.

  3. The title made me think you actually like shopping with I'm not so sure. I'm sorry you couldn't find the perfect cover for your kickass new iPhone. But, I have faith that you'll find it eventually.

  4. And that right there is why I NEVER go shopping with my man. Ugggh. I feel your pain, I really do.

  5. I didn't know it was possible to spend over $1000 on a winter coat. Was it lined with gold?

  6. jaime - I need a pretty one! I'm selfish like that. Ha!

    Handflapper - Oh. Oops. My bad.

    jacqui - You should know mne better than that by now, no? ;)

    Lizbeth - Ugggh is RIGHT!

    Ang - I think it had magic beans in the pocket.

  7. Have I mentioned that your husband and mine seem like the same person when you talk about your man and shopping excursions? If not then let me tell you; they sound like the same person.

    Does his new awesome winter coat have all kinds of bells and whistles like a clip in the pocket for his gloves or the little band around the waist to keep snow out? My winter coat has all kinds of nifty stuff like that. Iloveit! I'm so excited to wear it for Christmas Holiday when I see my family!

  8. Marianna AnnadannaNovember 16, 2011 10:46 am

    Ashes - Not *that* many bells and very few whistles, but he's still quite pleased. He loves lots of whistles but he can't have everything!