Thursday, 24 November 2011

It may be Thanksgiving, but I can do whatever I want AS MUCH AS I WANT

Yes, I'm still alive and kickin.  I just haven't felt all that inspired lately.  Sorry.  Don't leave me!

That said, I did write a little something for my lovely friend Elle at her new group site A Nervous Tic Motion.  I'm so proud to be associated with this great group of writers.  You simply must go check it out.  They cover every possible topic under the sun, and they do it well.  Elle is even looking for a few more semi-regular contributors, so you should totally contact her. 

This is my Nervous Tic for today. 


I recently bought myself a kickass new iPhone.

Actually, I didn’t buy it myself as much as I took the money from Hubby when he sold some random power tool or something. I happen to have a hard time treating myself to fun new things, but that may be a story for another day.

The point is, I GOT A KICKASS NEW iPHONE. Go me.

Now. I’m Canadian and we already had our Thanksgiving (although it’s not nearly as fun as yours with all the shopping, and the sugar-covered meals, and Mayflower plays, but still).

So in honoUr of my many wicked-ass American pals, I’ve decided to list the things I am grateful for. Regarding my kickass new iPhone.

1) I can pitter patter my butt all over twitter AS MUCH AS I WANT.

2) I can take random pictures of my cats AS MUCH AS I WANT.

3) I can send texts to everyone I know AS MUCH AS I WANT

4) Autocorrect.

5) I can text pictures of my cats to Hubby AS MUCH AS I WANT.

6) I can tweet pictures of my cats AS MUCH AS I WANT.

7) I can play Diamond Dash as much as I want. Or as often as my lives get renewed, which is stupid because it should just let me play it all the time, but the effing thing only gives me 5 lives every half hour or whatever so I have to wait between games and so I lose my rhythm and get pissed off.

8 ) I can find a map as often as I need to, which is ALWAYS because I’ve only lived in this city for three years a short time and I never know where I am.

In conclusion, I am thankful for my kickass new iPhone. And my cats.

"Yeah. I'm sitting on the vent.  So what?"

"Really? More pictures? Seriously?"

Thank god for autocorrect.


  1. I love that second picture of your cat. That is definitely a "if looks could kill".

  2. Thank you for this lovely Thanksgiving post. It seems that most of the things you're thankful for involve cats...and pictures of cats.

    I am so full, I'm going to die. I thought you should know that.

  3. First off, I love how you highlighted the "U" in humour. Secondly, I have missed your writing lately. Thirdly, while I admit I don't get the whole cat thing, they do take a great picture!

  4. Angie - SHe's really the most friendly cat of all time, though! SHe so sweet and loving and adorable with everyone! That's what makes it so funny.

    jacqui - lol Hopefully you survived.

    Fox - I love our extra Us! Aw, you're sweet. CATS ARE WONDERFUL! :)

  5. I'm thankful for people like you that write random-ass tweets that make me crack up in the middle of work. Seriously. Totally makes my day better :D

  6. Congrats on the phone. Did I ask wth in Canuckville you're in? I'm rainy Vancouver.

    I had to take the autocorrect function off my phone after I sent an elderly relative a text after back surgery that said, "I hear you're now in fine form" and it came out "porn" instead of "form".

  7. Yay for the iphone and all the fun texts :)

  8. Mel - You are so sweet. *That* makes MY day! xo

    Wendy - Porn! Ha! In the beautiful NCR!

    Ang - Yes, yay indeed!