Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's Shitionary Sunday again! RESOLVED!

Resolved at the bottom!

Funny how when you fight with Depression and Anxiety for weeks on end, 36 hours incident-free seems like FOREVER. 

Sweet!  I didn't have a breakdown today!  Woohoo!  The meds must be kicking in! 

But I'm always waiting for the other cute fuchsia running shoe to fall.  The one random thing that will set me off into a weird little panic, or a desire to bury my head in the feather duvet. 

I'm never sure what will cause it, or quite what it will feel like - but it usually it feels like someone sneaking up behind me and running their nails down a chalkboard right next to my head.  Or that sense of concern when you think you're eating bad chicken but you eat it anyway even though you're dreading the eventual outcome.   

Anyway, I had to keep it together to host a house full of groupies who were here for Hubby's concert.  (Which was awesome, by the way. Good job Hubby!)  And I stayed relatively sane, considering. 

My weekend inspired a Shitionary post.  So here it is, for your guessing pleasure.  Good luck!

Congrats jacqui!  You win!  You are one intuitive chick.  Not only were you the first responder, but you were the only person to get it right!  Everyone else seems to be pretty distracted by the Rapture...?



  1. SO happy you're feeling good! Is it flying by the seat of your pants?

  2. Red Bull. It give you wings! I know too easy, but funny lol

    It could also be The Rock from the Toothfairy. Again probably too easy.

    The Anti-Christ?

    Oh wait! It's Harold Camping in alien form! He is forced to show his real self because he failed at announcing the timing of God's return one too many times.

    I know, none of them are right. But if I made you laugh I'm good lol

  3. looks to me like the Terminator, AHnold S. is getting raptured.... by mistake.

  4. LACE - haha! Redbull. The Rock is a loser. The anti-christ lol

    SarcasmInAction - I think most of what he does is by mistake. Also a loser.

    jacqui - You're right! You win! (I'll post your resposne later!)

  5. Yes! I came back to see if I was right or not. This could be the start of a HUGE lucky streak!

  6. You are a friggen tease! I wanna see it now!!! lol

  7. Sigh, I always miss Shittionairy Sunday, but I'm still so glad that you do it.

    With the depression/anxiety, hang in there with the medication and counseling. It takes a while to kick in, but you'll have so much relief when it does.

    Each day might feel like a struggle, but keep in mind that each day you soldier through is a victory. It might not feel like it, but each time you post on your blog or talk to a loved one about your condition, you are utilizing a coping method. Sorry to go on about this - it's a hotbutton issue with me.

  8. I'm fairly certain that's the Jolly Green Giant getting Raptured by his angelic pants.

  9. Angela - Thanks :) I always feel better when I talk to people who have tried meds before. I just don't know what to expect, but you're not the first person to mention the relief I'll feel when it finally kicks in fully. I look forward to that.

    hoodyhoo - Angelic pants? Where can I get a pair of those?!

  10. I thought it was some mutant muppet stink bug thing, wearing bad pants.... clearly, I have no vision and delayed response syndrome.

  11. I missed Shitionary! Sniff Sniff. What I want to know is how you got a picture of my hubby in his MC Hammer pants while wearing our daughter's fairy wings.

  12. Ha, nice one.

    Congrats to Jacqui.

    Hey, Jacqui, did I read it right that Snappy Surprise says she eats chicken? I am guessing that is a typo..

  13. Elle P - Mutant muppet stink bug? lol

    Elle - Yes! MC hammer pants! My initials are MC, so they used to call me that in school.

    Theresa - Am I not supposed to eat chicken? But I like chicken...

  14. Theresa is trying to get you in trouble with a certain "chick" by saying that you eat "chick"en.

    I can't believe I forgot to test the link in my shitionary victory button this morning...good thing it works or I'd be super embarrassed! I am so very proud of it!

  15. jacqui - Oh! Of course! I don't eat chicks. Don't worry. And I'm glad you're proud! I'm happy for you! :)

  16. Shit. I missed Shitionary Sunday because of my own shitty depression and anxiety. Glad one of us is feeling better, and if it can only be one of us, that it's you.

  17. You'll get there too, my friend. I know it.

    Also? My so-called "feeling good" is fleeting. And it's really only relative to the alternative, which compares to wishing the rapture *had* come.