Wednesday, 16 June 2010

High five!

I’ve recently learned something about myself.  Well, not learned, exactly, but confirmed.  I always knew it was true, but it recently become glaringly obvious.  It’s not just a general knowledge anymore.  It has become a cold. hard. fact.

Drum roll please…

Here it is:

I am – brace yourself - an ACTION person. 

I know what you’re thinking... Duh.

Well, yeah, 'duh'... but get this:

I’ve been working in this same unit for about a year and half.  My job title has changed a bit, but I've stayed in the same unit.  I’ve explored other options, but nothing has seemed quite as appealing.  I love it here.

But that’s not the revelation.

For the first year I worked on one team that was very fast-paced.  Everything was rushed and urgent, and, by our standards, very “important”.  I loved the people who were on my team, and I loved the work.

After that first year I was asked to move to another team.  Same unit, but a different set of files.  It was still ok.  It just wasn’t urgent.  Everything was on a slightly longer timeline.  It was slower and more secluded.  I liked the people on this team, too, but I didn’t get to see much of them.  My work was more independent.

Well, now I’m back on the old team.  Ya hoo! 

And here’s the revelation: I hadn’t realized how much I missed that type of environment until I had it back. 

Amen for having to work past 6 every night!  Ye haw for not dreading Monday!  Cheers for not enough hours in the day to finish all my work! – let alone time to pick up groceries, or study French, or go to the gym, or eat lunch.  HIGH FIVE for not having time to eat lunch!

I know that’s unreasonable.  And it probably can’t sustain.  (I mean, some of us need food throughout the day.)  But I still love it. I thrive on it.  I’m more productive, and more motivated.  And, frankly, I’m just in a better mood.

Not every day is perfect.  Some shit still just pisses me off.  But that’s true for everyone.  So, there’s no debating it – the fact is, I need the ACTION.  I crave it.  And I won’t be giving it up anytime soon – not without a fight. 

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