Sunday, 20 June 2010

Whew, what a day

Wow.  I. am. TIRED.  

Hubby and I worked outside this whole friggin day. Yesterday too. 

No, the godforsaken fence is not done yet.  But it is getting close.  It's more of a half-fence:  fully done at the back of the yard, with a mostly-finished gate at the front of the yard.  It remains, however, totally empty in between.  There were two lingering we-hate-you-so-much-that-we-want-to-ruin-your-lives holes that needed a jackass hammer, so we rented the bastard yesterday.  It poured rain on us while we dug them out (in this case, "we" mostly means my husband, while I watched from the relative dryness of the neighbours' front porch).  But we did get them dug.  So, holes - check.  

This morning we picked up where we left off.  The plan was: a) set the last two posts; b) start building the fence; and, c) go buy a load of dirt to fill in the gaps.  Good plan. 

But things never go according to plan, do they?

Hubby found a random wire that we somehow manged to cut through while hand digging the last hole.  How'd we manage that?  Not a goddam clue.  In any case, fence-building was delayed by the need to repair the effing thing. 

In the meantime, I trimmed our very odd and infected tree. By "infected", I mean a weird thing called canker that grows on the branches.  Apparently the cankers are "a concentration nutrients".  Harmless but gross and kind of transferable, and they'll eventually drain the tree's life.  And by "trim", I mean get up on a ladder and cut every effing canker off every effing branch, being careful not to spread the shit from branch to branch.  AWESOME.  

And, so, broken wire - check.  

And canker tree - check.  

We then set the friggin fence posts (check) and then made a trip out for the dirt (check).  

THEN we went around to the other side of the house (where we built another fence last year and left it a gravelly, clay-filled, and weedy shit-show).  We dug up that mess amd got it ready for mulching later this week.  So. side-of-the-house-disaster  - check. 

Huby loaded up the truck with all the mess (canker branches, gravel, etc) and I cut the grass.  (Sidebar:  Of all the work, lawn-mowing is the most satisfying because I can see the results immediately and I'm always pleasantly surprised by the dramatic improvememnt to my yard.)  Tidy-up and regular maintenace - check.  

In the end, my back hurts, my arms are sore, and my nails have never been so filthy.  But, on the upside, it feels gooood.  Good to get shit done.  Good to get some sun and some exercise.  The downside?  After all that, it's still just a stupid half-fence.    

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