Sunday, 19 February 2012


Have you guys read my "Dillio" page?  It very clearly states the following:

  • I live in Canada;
  • I like late night dance parties in my living room;
  • I love Hubby and my kitties; and,
  • I am in my mid twenties (continually refusing to define the point at which my mid twenties become my late twenties). 

Now.  I acknowledge the legitimate possibility that one's personal "about" page could change over time.  There may come a day when I no longer enjoy late night dance parties in my living room.  It's unlikely but theoretically possible that I could move away from Canada.  I may even get a new cat (or a new Hubby).  Or maybe even a child. 

But my age?! My age should never, ever change.  A person's ability to come to terms with his or her number of years on this planet is a long and painful process.  Once achieved, this is not a process that should have to be repeated.  At any time.  

I'm happy in my mid twenties. 

I used to miss age 21, but I got over it. 

I was comfortable with 24.  24 was ok with me.  I was usually the youngest person in the office, but still an adult. 

Then 25 hit, and I tried my best to ignore it. 

Not surprisingly, 26 was a fucking PROBLEM.  All of a sudden I was on the wrong side of 20.  I had a real issue with 26.  26 and I DID NOT get along. 

And now I'm 27.  Still mid twenties, as far as I'm concerned.  Getting too close to 30, but still twenties.  Not the youngest person around, but still young.  Loosening and wrinkling, but still looking ok. 

But now it's happening.  Age 27 is coming to an end.  Next Wednesday I will turn *gulp* 20 *gag* 8. 

No no no no no no no NO!

To make matters worse, my colleagues hosted my birthday party last Friday with my FAVOURITE Dairy Queen ice cream cake... while I was at home taking a Benilyn Day.  Although I think they saved me a piece. 

Even more fun, I'm going on a business trip this week, meaning that (given the 5 hour flight and the 3 hour time change), my whole birthday will be spent ON A PLANE.  Eight hours.  On a plane.  They had better bring me a free cookie or something. 

The only redeeming components of this week will be: a) going out West, which does happen to be a wicked cool birthday present; and, b) getting to see Carmen, which is better than a birthday present - it's like a effing birthday PRIZE. 

So while I may make it through this week, I'm concerned about my longer-term ability to accept my new age range.  I'm not sure I'll have the strength to update my Dillio.  I'm basically a pathetic old lady.  Getting older by the minute, and hating it. 


  1. Shit, girl, what the hell does that make me?

    I'm fast approaching the ripe age of 32!!


    *panic, panic, panic*

  2. i'm 36 and so far i haven't hit an age that troubled me. when i turned 30, i was almost relieved. i had kind of felt like a 30-something for a while by then, so finally my age fit. not too sure what will happen when i arrive at 40.
    have fun on your trip and happy birthday! i hope they'll bring you drinks on the plane to make the flying on your b-day more bearable.

  3. I've never had a problem with my age. I'm 17 and my daughter is 38.

  4. You're so NOT alone in this. I just turned 2 *gulp* 9 on Friday :( Enjoy being a year younger than me.

  5. Stehanie - That makes you OLDER THAN ME!! Hah! ;)

    Sherilin - I've heard that from some people. I think that's why I like 27. I don't want to go beyond it!

    Middle child - Ha! Nice.

    Lin - Happy birthday! It does suck though, doesn't. Glad I'm not alone.

  6. Awww 28 isn't bad! Hope its a great birthday, so you won't notice the number...

  7. 28... dude... I would kill to be still in my 20's again.... I've crossed over to the dark side (aka 30's) and it's far worse than i could have ever imagined... thankfully when asked by random bystanders how old I look they usually tell me I look like I'm in my mid 20's or younger... so either I look crazy enough that they lie so as not to enrage the crazy or I really do look young.. either way I'm happy with it.

    Enjoy the West... we love it here.. hopefully it won't rain the whole time you're here... I swear Vancouver is like a pit of rain 90% of the time.

  8. shhhh....i begged the sun gods for no rain during her visit!!! and yes, yes, YES i sure am a prize.

    I would also like to add my dear Marianna, I am 32 so if you get ID'd at the hotel bar and I DON'T, there will be a scene. A SCENE I TELL YOU!

  9. Gia - Thanks :)

    Jaime - You're not over 30, are you?! I'm surprised at that. I forgot you were out there too! Next time we'll get together!

    Carm - I cannot WAIT for a scene!

  10. I had my mid-life crisis at the ripe old age of 30. The way I figure it, I got that particular crisis out of my system early, so turning 40 will be a breeze.

  11. I have kind of reached a point in my life where I have figured out that that stupid cliche is actually true . . . age is truly how old you feel. I so don't feel like I am 36 and yet I am. Most of the time I feel much younger than that . . . on days like today where I am sick as a dog and feel like hell . . . well today I feel about 90.

    Have a great trip! Give Carmen a great big ol'butt squeeze for me and then please ask her to do the same to you and consider that my present to you!

  12. popped over from Carmens because, well... tbh, she practically headlocked me into it (I think you got more mentions in her post than you had candles on your cake!).

    Can't belive you got to meet, it's so unfair.

    Also unfair is the fact that you live in Canada, you have parties in your living room, you have no children and, skipping on a little here:

    You are ONLY 28!!

    My SON is 28 tomorrow, I am a whither old hag (but please don't tell Carmen or she may not speak to me any more).

    Hope you got your cookie!

  13. I really feel like setting up an umbrella and two chairs on the beach and setting you down with my hubby so you both can bemoan being 28 together over glasses of whatever concoction you prefer.
    I'm still a little behind you guys, but I don't see what's so bad about being closer to 30. Technically when you hit 30 you're at the prime of your life. I think I'll start freaking out at 34... yeah that'll be the kicker for me.

    And you're not pathetic. You're shiny and amazing and never fail to bring a smile to my face when I read your posts. So cheer up, another year lived is worth the celebration in hopes for the fun things of the next year to come.

  14. yeah you suck. I freaked out at turning 30. It was okay once I hit 31. Now I'm 34, too close to 40. I think I'm going to hyperventilate now.

    Have a safe trip :D

  15. Ang - Ha! Yep, a "breeze"

    Foxy - I'm sorry you're sick, but you make a good point. I think that's why I hate the age so much - I don't *feel* 28. I feel young and childish and goofy and 28 makes me feel like I have to grow up or something. Boo.

    Sarah Mac - Thanks for coming by! I doubt you are whithered or a hag. Happy birthday to your son!

    Ashes - Aw, this made me smile. Thanks hon. "Shiny" is a nice adjective.

    LACE - HA! Deep breaths! :)

  16. Pstttt. You've been home almost 24 hours. just sayin'

  17. Happy belated birthday, fellow president birthday sister!

    (And for the record, I am 34, you mean and cruel person who is crying about being 28. MEAN! *weeping* WHY is this happening to meeeeeeeee?????)

  18. Carm - I'm a total lazy blogger thsi week. Forgive me.

    Beans - Thanks doll! Was it your birthday too?! Ew. 34. That's upsetting. ;)