Saturday, 25 February 2012

Carmen is a total hottie

I got a wicked birthday present this year.  I got to go out west for a short business trip.  But the business trip wasn't the present... aside from stupid work crap, there is one friggin sweet prize out west:  one of my bestest blogger friends, Carmen!  And we actually got to MEET.  Not just meet, but hang out.  In a bar.  With wine.  AND CHEESE.

In case you aren't already jealous (but let's be honest, how could you not be?), here are the top ten things you may or may have known about my awesome friend Carm

10) She will drive all the way from her house into the city to pick me up and take me to a bar. 

 9) She won't know what bar, but she'll find one with a parking lot. 

 8) She may or may not hit a pedestrian.  But she stops at green lights.   

 7) She'll flirt with the bartender and totally blame it on me.  But we'll get birthday shots.

 6) Her boobs are AHmazing.  (Said the old lady to the sailor.)

 5) She is wicked funny and totally gets my stupid sense of humour. 

 4) She spells humoUr correctly, because she's CANADIAN like me.

 3) She's a real human being - funny and genuine and smart and normal.  (Despite HUbby's concerns that she is some internet stalker/robot.)

 2) She is SUCH a good mom - doesn't put up with any shit! And so proud of her kids. 

 1) She won't hesitate to snuggle with me in my bed and take pictures.  But she will laugh till she snorts.  Although she'll excuse herself for snorting, because she's super polite like that. 

I had such a fun time with Carmen.  I wish she lived near me so we could hang out all the time.  I also wish all us awesome bloggers could get together more often - I'm considering Chicago this June... who's in?


  1. you little snuggle bunnies are so lucky to have met and gotten a day of fun!

  2. Aww that sounds like an awesome time.

  3. I want to be friends with Carmen! LB

  4. All True.

    Except for the pedestrian part. MUTHA FUKKER WALKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME


  5. I am only 2 1/2 hrs from Chicago! Can I come? ;)

    Totally glad that Carmen was not an internet stalker robot and you ladies got to meet and have drinks and snuggle :):). I too want to be friends with her, she sounds Rad!

  6. Wait. June. Wtf is happening in Chicago. And why Chicago? That's like a 73 hour plane right or something.

  7. Aw, thanks guys. YES! Chicago in JUNE! A "Cheesy Blogger" gathering is in the works.

  8. Thank you so much for the picture of you two in bed with the Chick. I'm sure it'll cause quite a scandal...which must be good for traffic, right? ;)

  9. Caaaaaaaaaan you feel the blog looooooooooove tonight...

    It is wheeeere we are...

    Glad you two had fun! Sounds like a blast.