Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hubby on Homes

I've been complaining about my laundry room for several months.  It's in the basement, in an unfinished room with a concrete floor.  And I hate it.  There's something extremely twisted about cleaning my clothes in a dirty storage room.  There are spiders down there.  SPIDERS.

Although we could put our laundry machines in the main floor bathroom, I find that equally disgusting, given all the poop spores floating through the air.  Not to mention that most guests would wonder when they come into my home why I've spread my entire wardrobe across my foyer.  

This is why I've been dreaming of updating my laundry room - some paint, some Ikea cabinets, a new  light fixture, and maybe even a laminate floor.  All fairly easy improvements that would make a big difference in my daily life. 

So Thursday when Hubby emerged from his lengthy "I've been sick" funk, he decided to initiate my little laundry room project.  I was thrilled.  He's a brilliant little worker to have around the house.  Free labour = happy wifey. 

We talked about it, considering all the renovation options, but ultimately decided on minimal repairs and adjustments. 

You know what happened don't you. 

This.  This fucking happened.

First he found mouse shit and tunnels in the walls (no huge surprise, as we sometimes have mice living in our damn crawl-space).  But this was a LOT of mouse shit.  A SHIT-TON of mouse shit.  It was interspersed throughout the insulation. 

So, he pulled down more and more of the drywall, only to realise that some idiot had framed the wall SIDEWAYS, rather than up and down  So the little rodents were just running back and forth horizontally across the entire side of my house.  Fuckers. 

And THEN he found some mould.  And if you knew Hubby, you'd know that he hates mould even more than he hates mouse shit.  A HOUSE WITH MOULD CAN NOT STAND. 

So the entire wall came down, all the way to the concrete foundation.  And the wall next to it.  And the ceiling. Oh, and he'd demolish even more if I'd let him. 

So now I'm left with that goddam disaster zone. 

As well as this disheveled mess. 

I know what you're thinking.  I'll be happy when it's all said and done.  Not the point, people.  NOT THE POINT.  


  1. Oh no! Crazy how these "little" projects turn into major disasters :(

  2. Oh Lord in Heaven, I'm sweating reading this. I cannot stand when a small "lets paint this room beige" turns into an atom bomb. I'd love to paint our bathroom but there is no way I'm suffering through all the fall-out. If I went to church I'd pray hard for you. Real hard. Instead I offer you my internet hugs. (((hugs)))

    Get some mouse traps that kill em dead.

  3. Well, they say things come in three's -like gastro-loose poo, following a 'kick me in the ass effin cold, and finally...remnants of mouse effin generations of effin Micky and Minnie mice !

    Since things come only in three's, I figure yur good to go now. I'd do a small chant, accompanied by a limbs flailing dance to mother nature-just to be case you break the 3-bad thingy rule

  4. yikes! ...good luck with your renovations... there's a reason I don't own a home.... although there has been a particularly odd squeeking sound in my kitchen... I hope there are no mice.

  5. fracking mice!!!!! I hate mice!!!! Try using those plug in mice alarm things. My mom has them and hasn't had a problem since. she has dogs and it doesn't bother them either. I hate mice!!!! I hate your messing, disheveled room too. We've had ours for a year. tear.

  6. Ang - Yeah, it's either "crazy" or "damn predictable"!

    Lizbeth - We do ok with painting, it's when we go beyond painting that things get messy. Thanks :)

    Momma - How about YOU do the dance?

    Jaime - Don't you have ferrets? I pretty much consider those large mice...

    LACE - What is a plug in mice alarm?! I wanna try! A YEAR of a mess? I would so not tolerate that. Sorry dude!

  7. Ugh!!!! Mice=Satan. Disgusting volatile little bastards :( Try the plug in thingy, don't know if it works but I do know poison should not be an option..mice will eat that shit then go die, rot and fraking stink to high heaven and there is nothing you can do about it. It's a horrific smell. Gag! Or worse, one will choose to die in the kids playroom and the small 2yr old child will find it and think It's a fun toy and bring it to you declaring "KITTY KITTY!!" ...True story.

    Yes, definitely try the other thing. I hope your house gets back to normal sooner rather than later and that you won't feel the urge to just burn it down ;) because ya know..project can make you want to do that.

  8. Amanda - Yes, that's what LACE said! Maybe I will try it. No, we don't poison. The thing is, I"m not sure we have mice now, just that they've been there in teh past. now it's just cleaning up the damn mess. That story is VERY upsetting!

  9. I HATE living in a construction zone . . . the dust . . . the dirt . . . the shit everywhere! Argh!!!! So feeling your pain at the moment.