Monday, 17 October 2011

From the N'awlins Airport

How the heck are y'all doin?! 

Hubby'n'me is jus' sittin and waitin in the airport in N'awlins, Loosiana, ready to head on home to Canada.  Our trip was ahright ahright! It was jus' so nice to get away. 

I got all kinds a fun stories to tell y'all when I get home, but for now I got jus' one cute pic to share.  ("Take ya time, baby! Take ya time!)

Uh huh, that's a little ol' gator.


  1. Eeek, you're one brave soul for touching that thing. Also, love the accent ;)

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  2. I cannot wait to read about this trip! New Orleans is one of those places I want to visit. The main reason . . . to check out the incredible cemeteries.

  3. Lin - He was actualy really cute! His name was Elvis and he was surprisingly soft. Thanks!

    Fox - I saw one really really old cemetary right above the French Quarter. It was SO cool!

  4. You just had to show off the fact that you held an alligator, didn't you? Did you also see a bunch of ghosts in the old cemetery?

    I can't wait to hear all about your trip! You should probably move there now that you have the accent.

  5. Welcome home!!! I've missed you so. I mean, not just anyone gets three exclamation points from moi : )

  6. My first thought when I saw that picture was not "OOOO! Alligator!", it was more along the lines of "I'm super jealous you get to wear t-shirts right now while I'm freezing my ass off."

    But still, looks like you guys had fun! I mean, if there's alligators involved it's automatically more fun, right? :P