Thursday, 27 May 2010

I heart Pacman

Who doesn’t love Pacman?  Apparently no one – no one doesn’t love Pacman.

If you visited last week, you might have noticed that they were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the historic Pacman video game by changing the Google logo to a mini Pacman game.  And yes, you could actually play it.

When I noticed it, I cheered gleefully from my desk and began playing immediately.  I did only play one round, though.  Honestly.  I swear.  And I was only 2 stupid dots away from winning!  Curses!  I would have played again if I had time.  In fact, I intended to return to have another go, but I forgot.  Short attention span.

Other people, though, played the iconic and addictive game a lot more than I did.  Actually, web surfers spent millions of man-hours playing it.  No friggin doubt.  Pacman is awesome.  Of course they did. 

On average, Google users do 22 searches per day, with each taking about 11 seconds.  On that day, an average of 36 more seconds was spent per search.  With 504 million Googlers every day, that’s a total of 4.8 million more man-hours spent on the page – the equivalent of 550 years.

Laugh out loud.

They’ve hit the big time now.  How much you wanna bet they do it again? – and soon.  All of a sudden it’s obvious that this Internet search engine giant can put interactive ads in their title spot and get the entire world’s undivided attention.  Shake your money-maker, Google.

Personally, I hope there’s a Nintendo anniversary coming up.  As far as I’m concerned, the perfect way to celebrate such an occasion is with a Duck Hunt interactive Google icon. 

All in favour, say I.

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