Friday, 7 May 2010

Way to go Gran

My husband’s Gran and Gramps have gone to Europe for a WWII tour.  Gramps is very highly respected in the military community.  Actually, in the hockey community too.  Really, he’s very highly respected in most communities.

Anyway, as part of their tour, they traveled to the Netherlands for the ceremonies commemorating the 65th anniversary of VE-Day.  And yesterday, we were all super excited upon hearing that Gramps had schmoozed it up (ie shaken hands) with the one-and-only Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Sweet.

Well, then this morning we actually got an email from Gran that said:

I sat next to the PM of Canada and the PM of the Netherlands at lunch yesterday, that was pretty amazing.  I guess being the wife of the Saviour of Bergen-Op-Zoom has its advantages.

OMG!  How COOL is that?!  Gran just chillin at lunch with the PMs!

So then I got to thinking, if I were in her situation, I would be totally smitten.  It wouldn’t matter that I don’t actually like him that much, or that I don’t actually agree with him on most things.  I’d still be a smitten friggin kitten.  I wouldn’t even begin to know what to say..

“So, um, Mr. Harper, um, seen any good movies lately?"

“I hear health care’s kinda pricey, eh?”

But not Gran.  She’d just be herself – relaxed and laughing and making conversation.  By the end of the lunch they’d be best friends.

"Um, excuse me Steve, are you going to eat that strawberry?"

"Can you autograph my napkin?"

"Does your pâté taste like cat food? Mine does."

"Ah, Stevie honey, you have a little something between your teeth."

By now she's probably knitting socks and sewing pajama pants for his kids. They probably have a lunch date for next week.  On Gran’s deck by the pool.  Oh, Harper’s kids would love her pool!

So, Gran, fill me in when you get home.  I can’t wait to hear all about how you wooed the top leaders of two very awesome nations! Gefeliciteerd!

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