Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Commuter Chronicles - Mall Monkeys

Eff it. I hate commuting. 

I usually “Park and Ride” – which basically means park at the mall and then take the bus to work. 

Pros: I have my car right at the end of the day to do errands, or go to the gym, or whatever; it’s a faster route than the one from my house; this main route comes every 5 minutes, as opposed to every 15 or 30; and, there’s less walking than there would be if I walked to the stop in my neighbourhood. 

Cons: the mall people are friggin assholes. 

They are so damn picky about where you park.  Fine, I’m taking up precious “we’re the busiest mall in Canada and can’t spare a parking spot” lot spaces.  Eff that.  I walk through that empty mall every friggin night buying crap I don’t need.  I did all my Christmas shopping at your stupid mall after work last year, fools.

Well no more.  Say goodbye to my regular paycheque, mall monkeys.

Last week they said, “oh you can’t park in this ‘spill-over’ lot unless that other lot fills first”.  Fine, effers.  I’ll park in your stupid farthest-from-anything lot before I park in your second-farthest-from-anything lot.  You win.

Oh, no, that won’t do.  This morning I find out from the goddam rent-a-cop that the spill-over lot is no longer available.  They’re demolishing it.


So now if the one lot is full, I have to drive 5 minutes further EAST to get on a bus that’s going WEST.

How dumb does he think I am?

On top of it, my husband friggin offered to drive me to work this morning.  And I was all, nah, I’ll drive my car to the mall so I can go right to the gym after work.  So he says, that’s a shame because he’s working so close to my office this week.  So I says, yeah, but it’s a shame to buy a bus pass and not use it, and I can read my book anyway.  So he says, fine, as you wish.

So then I get effing rent-a-cop’s new info and have to drive to work anyway!  So my husband and I are on the stupid highway AT THE SAME EFFING TIME and I have to pay $10 to park at work after sitting in 45 minutes worth of traffic.

And what am I gonna do from now on?  Walk to work?

Eff this.

Commuting sucks ass.



  1. Why did you drive to work? Why didn't you park in the lot 5 minutes east to get on the bus going west?

  2. because by then I didn't have time!