Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Oh, Lindsay

Apparently Lindsay Lohan has landed the lead role in an upcoming independent film.

Way to go Lindsay!

Oh wait - hold the phone - the movie will apparently portray the turbulent and tumultuous life of 1970s PORN STAR Linda Lovelace. 

Perhaps NOT the way to go, Lindsay. 

For those of you poor saps who don’t already know, Linda Lovelace got her ‘big break’ with the classic 1972 film "Deep Throat".  I think she won an Oscar.  Maybe more than one.  Oh, sorry, typo – I meant to say did, not won. 

Miss Lohan will be portraying Linda in the upcoming motion picture “Inferno”.  Bill Pullman will portray Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner in this ‘period drama’. 

Oh, Lindsay, what are you doing?

At 24 years old I was making much better decisions. I wasn’t partying all the time while being photographed by scads of paparazzi.  I wasn’t in rehab every other week.  I wasn’t in a public feud with my parents.  I wasn’t inviting my little sister to bars with me.  And I certainly wasn’t perpetuating my own self-imposed stereotype as a slut by portraying one in a movie.  Lindsay used to be a cute little Disney girl, didn’t she?  What a shame.

On the other hand, remember the least popular Saved by the Bell character?  Not Screech, but Jessie.  Remember when she reintroduced herself to the world by playing a stripper in a special little film called “Showgirls”?  Well, it worked out for her, right?  Didn't she end up getting lots of respect and becoming a critically acclaimed actress?   

So, Lindsay, maybe there’s hope for you yet.

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