Friday, 3 August 2012

I'm a golf pro. Deal with it.

I went golfing tonight.  And by "golfing" I mean "sitting in the cart and drinking beer while Hubby and our friends golfed" because I don't golf. 

How people could voluntarily expose themselves to utter frustration and pain by trying to use a long stick to hit a tiny little ball hundreds of metres down a giant green field, I will NEVER understand. 

So instead, I volunteered to drive the cart.  And get the beers. 

Here.  I drew it for you. 

This is Hubby and our friends teeing off. 
That pink ball is Hubby's. 
Just kidding. 
But that is him wearing his aviators. 
Except he shoots all wonky.  A righty lefty. 

And this is me.  In my cart.  Supervising. 

Then I took some pictures. 
Boredom was setting in. 
It had been one hole. 

Me, running to catch the beer cart. 
Me, drinking my beer, paying no attention whatsoever to the golfers. 

Me, tweeting. 
Telling stories about that time Hubby tried to fake out his buddies while driving the cart. 
Except he faked too far and ended up driving the fucking thing into the waterhole. 
Apparently the best part was his popping up shouting "HELP ME!" to his buddies.
So they could help him yank the cart out of the lake. 
Nice one, Hubby.

Me, hunting for long-lost golf balls. 
Just for the pure thrill of it. 
And constantly being reminded to stay out of the line of fire of people actually playing golf on the golf course. 

The four of us eating dinner.
Hubby stewing a bit about his game. 
Me trying to ignore all golf talk entirely. 

And apparently we all became zombies. 


  1. I think golf is so boring! I have no clue how people can watch it on tv.

  2. Golfing = snore-fest. Good thing you had beer or you'd probably never had made it. Honestly, your drawings are should think about selling them. That last zombie one, epic! lol

    1. See, a "snorefest" actually sounds fun. A sleeping festival. This is worse. This is like a snore exam. Or a snore lecture.

  3. that's what I call golfing as well.... sitting in the car drinking beer.... we should go golfing sometime.

  4. I'm so thrilled that paint drawings happened! I wish you had illustrated the angry husband crash though :) maybe next time!

    1. I wanted to, but having not been there, accuracy would have sugffered. This, however, is an entirely accurate representation. Especially the one of me running for the beer cart.

  5. bahaha. You and I would be great golf buddies.

    1. They didn't make me pay, because I wasn't playing. Which made me wonder if I could just go to the course, not pay, and drive around drinking beer all afternoon.

  6. Your drawings are fantastic. I really should come here more often. Your blog is seven kinds of awesome and I love it every time I'm here.

    1. I love your blog too. I officially committ to visiting more often. (Although lately, finding time to blog surf is tricky.)

  7. My hubby golfs, people often ask me if I would like to learn/try with him. I say NO! I would love to go in the cart and drink beer though and socialize! Love it!