Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I mostly just drank wine with a sticky face.

Cottage! Cottage cottage cottage! We went to the cottage!

K, so we don't have a cottage, but my best friend A does. Well, her family does. So every year for her birthday, all her friends pile into their cars and drive out to the lake.

And that's just what Hubby and I did this past weekend.  It all started on Saturday morning.

7:00 - Hubby and I wake up.

7:45 - Hubby starts shouting because WE HAVE TO LEAVE AT 8:00

8:15 - I get out of bed.

9:30 - Hubby starts shouting because he's done all the packing and all I've done is NOTHING.

9:45 - I vaccuum. 

9:55 - We leave.

10:01 - While Hubby is pumping gas, I offer to get him a coffee. I ask him what size but then I decide he only needs a small. He asks for medium. I say small. He says medium. I leave. The guy next to us laughs.

10:04 - I emerge with two small coffees. Both are the perfect size.

10:05 - Hubby admits that he bought too many bags of ice as we try to jam it all into our coolers. I remind Hubby that there are two refrigerators at the cottage. And two freezers.

10:06 - We realize that Hubby forgot the chicken. And the dip.

11:06 - We stop at a small town grocery store. We buy chicken and dip. And birthday candles.

12:07 - We arrive at the cottage. We want to make sandwiches. We realize that Hubby forgot to buy bread.

12:08 - The sun comes out and the alcohol begins to flow.

Best.  Cottage.  Ever. 

Sometime before sunset -  People play bocci ball. I drink wine. People play noodle wars. I drink wine. People swim and play ladder golf. I drink wine and beer. People make me dinner. I eat it. And I drink wine.

Noodle wars.
Sometime after sunset -  I make s'mores with Caramilk bars. My face gets really sticky. Someone tries to stuff a million marshmallows into someone else's mouth. I drink wine. Some other people play euchre. I drink wine. Hubby plays guitar while I shout requests in his direction. We sing. I drink wine, I think, although my memory is a little sketchy. I light candles in cupcakes and we all sing Happy Birthday. My face gets sticky again.

Later -  Hubby and I go to bed. Other people try to blame Hubby for annoying erratic iPod selections, even though he's asleep. Hubby's friend threatens to come into our room and "stramroll" Hubby. I know he won't dare because he fears me like the wrath of god. As he should. Hubby's friend abandons his threat, as predicted, adding "Laugh it up Marianna" as he walks away from our door.

Sometime after sunrise - Hubby and I get up. Hubby sits by the water.  I clean the cupcakes, cups, bottles, and gross guacamole off the picnic table. It takes too long.  I read my book for several hours in between breakfast and game  playing watching.

Later - We avoid rain repeatedly and finally give up and go inside. My friend does a puzzle. I start to help her until until I get annoyed.

Around 4:00 - Hubby and I drive home. We see a giant rainbow. 


  1. sounds like a completely amazing weekend... I'm super jealous!

  2. I feel like I just lived it with you. And drank wine

  3. Blog post drinking game idea: do a shot everytime M mentions drinking wine in this post. You'll be drunky drunk in no time! Glad you had a nice time away with your friends. And drank wine. xo

    1. Love that idea! We should do a word search on the whole blog. We'd get alcohol poisoning.

  4. 9:45- I vacuum. I love it!! I vacuum 2 times a day, while drinking wine and trying to clean the sticky off of everything (because I have 3 boys-and boys are gross) your weekend of drinking wine and getting sticky sounded waaaay better than my everyday life :) I'm jealous

    1. Ha! You are hilarious. I love this comment.

  5. This is hysterical! I was crying laughing from the very start! You sound just like me - I love to just drink and watch people play games! (I will play lazy games like dice or cards, but getting up and moving games - notsomuch) Also, the sticky face and drinking wine...and beer....ME! Love it. I saw a comment you made on the Bloggess, I am off to read some of your archives! :)

    1. Ah! I'm so glad you found me! For some reason I was totally NOT into the games las weekend!

    2. And you have to leave your blog link! When I click your name I just get your profile, which doesn't include a blog of your own!? Unless maybe you don't have one but I hope
      You do because I'd like to read it.

      Also, twitter me.

  6. This sounds like my dream weekend! You should come visit us- we have lots of wine and noodles!

  7. This sounds like my dream weekend! You should come visit us- we have lots of wine and noodles!