Monday, 13 December 2010

Four day weekend - friend or foe?

I think I feel more tired after four days off than I did before.  

Ok, maybe not.  

But it's close.  

Given that I was brilliant enough to invite 20 some-odd people for Boxing Day dinner (and that 19 were crazy enough to accept), I have a lot to do.  Not to mention all the other holiday related garbage - um, I mean, planning - we have to do in December.  

So I took Friday and Monday off to make a dent in my ever-growing to-do list.  And I was fairly successful.  That's a pro.  But I've also completely worn myself out.  That's a con.  

Day One
  • Woke up at 5:30 when Hubby went to work, and failed to fall back to sleep - con
  • Watched The Young and the Restless for the first time in months - pro
  • Got groceries and other so-called "necessities" at Walmart - con
  • Cleaned the house - con, mostly
  • Argued with Hubby about changing the sheets - con
  • Changed the sheets by myself - bigass con
Day Two
  • Scrapbooked (which is, by the way, a pretty nice gift, considering the time it takes to get it right ) - pro
  • Did laundry - con
  • Invited the neighbours for dinner - pro
  • Cleaned the house better - con
  • Got better groceries - con
  • Ate dinner, drank wine, played games - huge pro
  • Went in the neighbour's hot tub (against my better judgment) - minor pro
  • Took advil - pro, I guess
  • Drank water - pro... yeah, pro
  • Fell "asleep" - big pro
Day Three
  • Slept in (kinda) - pro 
  • Ate Kraft Dinner for Breakfast - delicious pro 
  • Played Wii with Hubby - pro
  • Until we had to work as a team, and it was all downhill from there - con
  • Scrapbooked and watched "The Santa Clause" - pro, and pro
Day Four
  • Woke up at 5:30 when Hubby went to work, but managed to fall back to sleep - pro
  • Went to the dentist for a "check up" (ie, an xray and a dentist poking each of my teeth once with a sharp stick) - con
  • Went shopping... for two hours - um, pro
  • Ate A&W for lunch - disgusting con 
  • Continued shopping... for two more hours - dwindling pro
  • Went to the bank (to beg them not to drop me as a client after seeing how much money I spent today) - con
  • Went to the post office (to pay more money for mailing gifts and cards) - con  
  • Scrapbooked again - pro
  • Took a hot bath - PRO
  • Bloggy bloggy bloggy - pro pro pro

Et voila.  Here we are.  And overall, it was a fun and productive four-day weekend.

Don't worry.  I promise to be more festive in the coming days.  


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