Monday, 27 December 2010

Gimme gimme

Charitable and loving spirit... blah blah blah.  Gimme some presents!

We all know we don't need a bunch of new stuff every year.  But that doesn't mean we don't like to get it. 

All of my gifts this year were wonderful.  Ma-in-law made me a gorgeous knitted scarf.  And not a fuzzy old lady scarf either - a silky jewel blue scarf that took her at least 30 hours to make.  Hubby actually spent day upon day making Pops-in-law a Cribbage board too, so I guess Pops and I have to make each other something next year to balance it out.  Maybe I'll make him some hooch. 

We got some other great gifts too, of course - almost everything on our lists.  Beautiful jewelery, home decor, towels and sheets, makeup and bath products, gift cards, squash balls and sauce, just to name a few (those last two are Hubby's of course).

We also bought ourselves a laptop - which we LOVE.  And with his own holiday winnings, Hubby bought himself an Ipod touch.  He is, as we speak, laughing gleefully as he video-chats with his buddies in Hometown.  

Even Patches and Tuxedo are in the gift-receiving spirit. 

Tuxedo just loves checking out the gifts under the tree

And Patch can't decide which she prefers...

her current food bowl...

or the auto feeder that her fairy godmother got her.

As for me, although I received several amazing gifts, I think I've identified my favourite.  

This is my parka cape - ie, my new better-than-a-snuggie snuggie. 

It has a zipper to allow for the conversion from head-hole to blanket, and pockets to keep my hands warm (or, in my case, to hold my remotes).  The only problem is that when I walk up the stairs, it trips me, and when I sit down, it pulls backwards and chokes me. 

Hubby says one day he'll come home to find me strangled by my own parka cape.  That would be a shame, I guess, but nevertheless worth the risk.


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