Friday, 12 November 2010

Time flies, two of five - I'm so awesome

Ok, so this is entry number two of lightening-round updates from the past several days of which I've been MIA.

I'm so awesome

I was recently making dinner for myself while Hubby was out of town. 

I decided to fry a piece of pork.  I actually hate pork, but I always think I should like it. 

I grabbed a pan, warmed it up, and dropped the little chop in. 

Then I could smell something weird. 

At first I thought the pork was bad, but then I realized that I had chosen the pan that I never use, and that doesn't have a lid.  So there was at least 3 centimeters of dust and cat hair built up in the skillet from sitting on the shelf for months on end. 

I had actually fried a thick layer of dust and cat hair directly into my pork chop. 

Well that's just awesome, I thought.  Friggin brilliant.  Hairy pork dust.  Just what I had in mind.  

Needless to say, the pork was ruined. 

Whatever.  I wouldn't have liked it anyway.


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