Thursday, 11 November 2010

Time flies, one of five - Hometown Hubby

Sorry, it's been a while.  

I'd love to say that I've been out doing something fabulous like traipsing around Europe, or sailing the seven seas, or visiting the moon, but I haven't .  I've just been busy.  

And tired.

And generally so sick of my computer that I could easily puke.  

In any case, just because I haven't had time/willingness to write, doesn't mean I haven't had tons of pickle shit to write about.

So consider this entry number one - entry number one of five entries that will effectively, though perhaps succinctly, cover the last several days.

Hometown Hubby    

Hubby went to Hometown for a few days.  When he came back he triumphantly declared that his mom had sewed up the two-year-old hole in his work pants crotch.  The same work pants crotch that Hubby has asked me to repair on at least a thousand occasions, and the same work pants crotch that I have repeatedly told him to sew himself.  

So now his mom has sewed the damn pants for him.  Which is great - don't get me wrong.  Moms are awesome.  (And I'm glad that Hubby's mom loves him enough to sew his work pants crotch - because apparently I don't.)  It's just that now I feel like I must be the worst damn wife in Canada.  



No I don't.  

I effing hate sewing so much that I've been carrying around a goddam button in my coat pocket for the last year since it fell off the coat sleeve, waiting for the moment in which I'll care enough to fix it.  That moment has yet to arrive.   

Oh well.  Maybe Hubby's mom will do it for me.


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