Sunday, 14 November 2010

Time flies, three of five - The play-by-play

Continuing with rapid updates, last weekend was particularly fun.  Since I can't tell you about everything, here are the highlights.

The play-by-play

All right, let's take a look at this very exciting match.

Uncle and Aunt have arrived.  And Uncle and Hubby are entering the parking lot of the Chinese takeout restaurant.  Oh, aguy in a parked car is starting to approach.  "Hey, is the food at this place any good?" Uh oh, faced with the question, how will they react?  Uncle looks like he's about to answer... "Oh, it's awe-some!"  Aaaand, DEFLECTED!  Uncle expertly avoids the question, lying through his teeth, having never eaten there before.  And Uncle gets the first point of the game. That's one for the record books, folks.  

Now, in the second period, the pace is picking up.  All the players head to a 3D Imax movie.  But they've got to face the bridge first.  And it's no regular bridge.  This open-air, open-grate bridge is sure to pose some problems for one or both teams.  And, yes, you can see there how the little female driver of that first car is starting to lose control.  And, wait, yes, she is officially having a a full-fledged panic attack.  I can see the tremors and the heavy breathing.  That bridge must be more than she can handle.  Ohhhh!  Great save!  Her teammate has taken the wheel.  I can't believe it!  Wow, now that's teamwork.  Things might have been disastrous.  I'm surprised the ref allowed play to continue on that one.

In the third period, the panicker has apparently recovered.  It's her teammate who's having trouble now.  He appears to be too hungry to function. Yes, yes, I think he's breaking away to the cafeteria.  This could be problematic.  If he can't find his team in the dark theatre, he'll be disqualified.  Oh, he's got nachos AND a hot dog.  Wow.  This guy is gutsy.  Oh, and he's entered the theatre.  But he looks a little lost...  Ooohhhh!  Saved by the panicky teammate.  She's come back on the course to guide him!  And they've got it now!  That could be the deciding point!  Yes!  Yes!  And the game is over!!!!  Won by a panicky Annadanna and a hungry Hubby!

What a great display.  You can tell this team has been playing together for a long time.  They showed some real commitment.  Good win.  Well deserved.


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