Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Christmas spirit, or Christmas idiot?

I got this really bright idea. 

I started thinking, "Well, traveling to Hometown for Christmas is kind of overwhelming.  It's a lot of work and I'm always in a rush.

So, then I thought: "Maybe we should just skip it."

Although I'd really miss the normal holiday traditions (caroling and gag-gifting with my family, opening presents and playing games with Hubby's family), I really needed a new tradition - a new way to celebrate.

And I don't mean skip Christmas entirely - like my new way of celebrating shouldn't be sitting alone wearing a Santa hat and a blinking Rudolph nose, with my eggnog in one hand and my candy cane in the other.  No, more that I want some holiday celebratory memories in my own house, without having to pile into the car on Christmas eve. 

But then I thought:  "C'mon, Scrooge, it doesn't really matter where you are, rather who you're with, and you'll be with Hubby."

Ok, but despite my undying love for Hubby, with only each other to stare at for the whole holiday season, we might go nuts.  The Twelve Days of Hubby might be a bit much - even for me. 

Which led me to:  "Well, let's have both families come here on Boxing Day!  Like Chevy Chase's Big Old Fashioned Family Christmas!

Aaaannnnd... the brightest idea of ALL TIME was officially born.

"Oh it'll be so much fun!  I can decorate, and make a big dinner, and we can play Wii, and open gifts, and sing songs while Hubby plays guitar, and light the fireplaces, and it'll be GREAT!"

Aaaaannnnddd... the glass-is-half-full approach officially sucked me in.

Turns out, cooking for 20 people might be tricky.  Who can even fit all that food in their oven?  And if you don't want to make a turkey, what the hell do you make that will feed an army?  Oh, and I guess I better get some kind of trough, because where does a person put a table for 20? 

And I guess I should have at least one plate per person.  That's only fair.  But when I was in Ikea on a Saturday afternoon staring at rows upon rows of dinnerware to purchase a set of 20 dishes, I was wondering, (and Hubby's "why aren't there benches in here?!" remark seemed to indicate that he shared my thought), what the eff was I thinking?  How do I intend to pull this off?  I don't even have DISHES, for god's sake!  ...unless I go with the whole trough idea, which is sounding pretty favourable. 

In any case, it's tricky, yes, but I've embraced it.  I'm on the Christmas war-path (poor choice of words), and there's no stopping me now.  

Despite the fact that Hubby thinks I'm totally pulling a "Princess" (ie, my mother) and going completely overboard, I'm super excited about having two Christmas trees, and setting the table all prettily, and making enough food to serve an entire maritime province.  

I've officially embodied the Christmas spirit, and I just. can't. wait. 


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