Monday, 9 August 2010

Vacation 103

Weeeeee'rrrre  baaaaaaccck...

And, over the last five days I've saved up some additional vacation tips for y'all.  Take them to heart. 

Vacation tip number five:  (or four, extended)...  Don't let a discovered-the-day-before-your-vacation leaky ceiling bother you during your whole trip.  Hubby'll fix 'er up good when you get home.  Not to worry.  

Vacation tip number six:  If you can manage it, try to plan you trip around the weather.  Your few days away should be totally hot and sunny, if at all possible.  If it must, it could rain on your last day, but only if you're planning on shopping indoors and enjoying a long lunch anyway.  But when you're done lunch, the sun should return so you can roam the beach during your last hour before leaving for the airport.  Then, if you are a really good vacation planner, you should be able to work it out that it will be raining the night you return home, only to be followed by a few gorgeous hot and sunny summer days for the remainder of your stay-cation.  Brilliant.  And if the city you just left endures a few days of thundershowers just after you've departed, that would really top it off.  If you can manage it, that is.  

Vacation tip number seven:  If you happen to plan a vacation to the current American president's hometown, I recommend that you plan your trip to coincide with the president's birthday - and, of course, his trip home to celebrate it.  Although you might not actually get to see him, you might get to see his entourage.  And that's just cool. 

Vacation tip number eight:  Of course, it goes without saying, that you should ask someone to care for your pets when you leave town.  And I might recommend having that friend or neighbour feed your pets a little extra.  They'll be stressed out, and they might not be getting fed the regular 3 times per day, rather only once, and therefore might need some extra food to hold them over between feedings.  I might recommend that.  If I didn't have a Patch.  My Patch is a binge eater, and I underestimated how much weight she would gain if her food increments were increased and if she had unsupervised access to my Tuxedo's food as well.  So, to summarize:  without a Patch, extra food; with a Patch, low-ball it. 

Vacation tip number nine:  If it doesn't make sense, it isn't real.  If you're in a cab and drive by a crazy accident on a bridge - if the concrete is splitting and buckling, and cars are buried in rubble - it might look bad.  You might be totally freaked out.  You might be saying "Oh my gosh! What's going on?!"  You might be thinking a bomb went off.  But if there are no sirens and no caution caution tape, and if people are sitting on the side of the road in lawn chairs watching the action, and if your cabby is smiling broadly, something doesn't add up.  They might be filming the new Transformers movie.  This one was Hubby's revelation - if it doesn't make sense, it isn't real.

(No, that's not my pic - but it's accurate!) 

Vacation tip number ten:  Go to Chicago.  Shi-cah-go, Illinois.  The Windy City.  The Second City.  Chi Town.  Chicagoland.  The Queen of the West.  The Garden City.  New Gotham.  The Chill.  The Big Onion.  Sweet Home Chicago.  You've never seen anything like this city.  Unless you have, and then I'd consider you one of the lucky ones.  This city has something for everyone.  And it's beautiful.  On the lake.  Everyone says it's all about the architecture.  Understatement.  It has to be seen to be believed.  Chicago has a rich history.  And a promising future.  Chicago has passion and heart.  Simply put:  Chicago is my new best friend.  

Check back soon for the Dos and Don'ts of a Chicago vacation - and some more pics. 

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