Sunday, 1 August 2010

Island Living: the stand-out event

As mentioned previously, Hubby and I returned to The Island yesterday.  

Island living is really something special.  Every trip is filled with fun and funny activities and happenings.

Ultimately, though, there was one particular island-life event that really stood out.  Island living, as it turned out, had really rubbed off on Hubby. 

We were all seated on the dock enjoying island-style "cocktail hour" (i.e., cheese and crackers).  I looked up at one point, and what did I see?  Hubby, at the edge of the dock, climbing onto a giant tube with a white plastic lawn chair in one hand and fishing rod in the other.  He proceeded to paddle himself out to the raft - apparently, to catch himself a marlin. 

And then, to make it the matter that much worse (or better, depending) he somehow coaxed the children into delivering him a bucket of minnows and a hook and bobber for some serious live bait fishin'.  Oh, and of course, a beer.  

The children were furiously collecting all the necessities for the mission.  They decided to send only one representative out on the tube.  The youngest little darling  was the obvious choice, (perhaps, I can only assume, due to her small size and therefore aerodynamic efficiency across the water, as well as her least-likeliness to drink the beer).  

The little one wiggled onto the tube - bucket and beer in hand.  The only problem with the plan turned out to be that her little feet didn't reach the water, so kicking her way out to the raft was a no-go.  Head Master Mike decided to jump in to rescue her - that is, to rescue the mission.

He successfully delivered the obligatory fishin' paraphernalia, but decided that island life does not include getting to the raft without getting wet.  And, so, Mike removed the plug from the giant tube.  It deflated almost instantaneously and Hubby was left adrift.


Hubby stayed out there for a while, big-time sports fisherman.  

He began offering various children money to bring him back into shore via canoe, but eventually got over himself (or got sick of showing off his fishing skills, I don't know which) and jumped in the water fully clothed - complete with fishing rod, bucket, plastic lawn chair, and beer bottle in hand - and swam back to the dock.  

It just goes to show ya - there is truly no life like island life.  It's spectacular, and it's contagious. 


  1. I love how you have this whole event documented. Hubby's probably happy about that too :P

  2. Uh, yeah, he's *happy* about it... ;)