Sunday, 15 August 2010

Happy fifty-versary

I've just realized that my last entry was my 50th blog posting. 

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure I'd keep it up.  And some days I don't have anything to write about.  And some days the thought of sitting in front of a computer longer than I have to is traumatizing. 

But I do actually really like it - more than I thought I would.  And I think I'll keep it up.

So, I don't think reaching fifty postings is anything to scoff at.  And because I'm one of those people who like to celebrate pointless anniversaries and milestones, I want to take a moment to recognize this achievement.

Except I don't really know how to recognize it. 

A moment of silence is hardly appropriate.  And they don't make a "Congrats on your fiftieth blog posting" Hallmark card.  And I really don't think it's fair to expect to receive flowers or gifts from friends and family... though feel free to express yourself in that fashion should it strike your fancy to do so.

Alors, I thought I would simply consider my opinions and thoughts on the number 50.  

  • I am more than half way to age 50.
  • In the year 2050 I will be 66.  
  • Age 50 used to seem pretty old, but now I'm not so sure.  Perhaps that's a defense mechanism.  Sixty-six still seems pretty old, though.
  • Fifty bucks used to seem like a lot of money.  It still does, but there ain't much I can actually buy for a measly 50 bones.
  • Fifty earwigs in one place (such as my basement) would be disgusting.  
  • Fifty skunks in one place would be worse.  
  • I don't respect rapper 50 Cent.  
  • I like that movie 50 First Dates.
  • A 50/50 chance is not good enough, in most cases.  
  • In 1950 the world population was about 2.6 billion.  The world population for 2050 is projected to be 9.3 billion. 
  • This is my fifty-first posting.  That earthquake in the spring was a 5.1 on the scale.  
  • I ride the bus for about 50 minutes each workday, each direction, about 50 times each month.
  • Fifty is like 5'0", which is pretty much how tall I am.  And 5'0" is also apparently the cut-off for a 50% increased chance of heart disease.

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