Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hello Sushi Man


That means hello in Japanese. 

Hubby has become an honourary member of Japanese culture. 

Ok, I don't really know what an honourary member of Japanese culture would entail, but I think it would at least have a little something to do with sushi.

In which case, the fact that Hubby eats sushi for at least half of his meals, must mean that he's at least half honourary Japanese. 

He's obsessed with it.  And not just obsessed with eating it, or even just obsessed with making it, but obsessed with making it perfectly.

It all started with the new local sushi place.  Authentic Japanese sushi, right around the corner from our house.  And it's excellent. 

We were going there so often that the little guy behind the counter knows us almost by name (or at least by face, and definitely by "crunchy vegy and dynamite roll" order). 

So Hubby decided that since he's in there so often, he should at least learn some Japanese.  Kon'nichiwa. 

However, after a while, buying sushi every day got a bit pricey.  And so, Hubby has been on a mission to make it himself - perfectly

He has spent several hours over the past few weeks watching sushi-making videos.  He's been to the little Asian market day after day.  He's slowly mastered sticky rice - with the exact right level of stickiness.  He has roasted his own sesame seeds and improved his rolling technique.  And tonight he even fried his own tempura flakes. 

And it's all thanks to the little Japanese sushi restaurant.  The little Japanese sushi restaurant with the little guy behind the counter - who, when Hubby said "Kon'nichiwa", replied by explaining that he's not actually Japanese... he's Korean!  

And so, I figure that if the little Korean guy can make excellent sushi and sell it as authentic Japanese cuisine, than Hubby's homemade sushi will at least make him a partial honourary member of Japanese culture.  

Hai, arigatō. 


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