Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Elusive 82

Every morning the bus drops me off at the station near work, and then I walk 7 minutes to the office. 

Rain or shine, sleet or snow, I walk that damn 7 minute mile.  Even when I'm really late and it's a walk of shame.  Even when it's really dark and it's a sleep walk.  Even yesterday morning when I waited for my own damn bus for almost 30 minutes, (instead of the regular 3 to 6 minutes), when it was minus 73 with the windchill, and when I was already way too late for work. 

And no matter what, every morning I emerge from the station and pathetically scan all the nearby streets for The Elusive 82.   

The Elusive 82 travels among the office buildings every day, and conveniently stops directly in front of my building.  A mere seven seconds from the front door. 

But the 82 is elusive.  It only comes every so often.  No one actually knows when.  Like most bus schedules, its arrival time is totally dependent on everything other than the actual timetable.

Sometimes you catch a glimpse of it up ahead. 

Sometimes it's nowhere in sight, so you start walking, and then it appears from thin air in front of your office, just as you're walking up. 

Sometimes you think you see it, and you get a gleeful smile across your face, and then you curse yourself because you're not wearing your glasses, and that's the 86, not The Elusive 82.  Foiled again.  

Well, lately we've even been trying to convince our friend at work, who is new to the building, of The Elusive 82's existence. 

Needless to say, he's never believed us. 

"It just went by, right here, past these cubicles" we'd say. 

"Right here, eh?  Past my desk?"

"You mean you didn't see it?"

"No, I guess not."


So tonight he and I were leaving the office at the same time, and started out into the snowy night on our 7 minute trek to the bus station. 

As we were crossing the street, he said to me "Ya know, I saw The Elusive 82 today."

"No!  Really?!"

"Yes, well, yeah, but it was parked.  For all I know you guys just paid the driver to sit there and put '82' on the screen."

And then...

before we knew it...

across the street, emerging from the snowy mist...

The Elusive 82 appeared

I think my friend just froze.  I don't think he knew what to do with himself. 

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to run into the snowy street in front of the moving bus.  And when the bus driver stopped, we ran over and jumped on. 

I think my friend now thinks I'm some sort of mythical creature.  Will it, and it will.  He said I was like Harry Potter, waving my wand for the magic bus to Never Never Land... or wherever it is that Harry Potter is going.


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