Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I heard on the radio this morning that investors were trying to "develop" the land surrounding the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign on the mountain peak overlooking the Los Angeles, California neighbourhood.  [Sidebar - whenever I name that state, I can't help but hear Schwarzenegger in my head... "Cally-forn-ee-a"]  

The group raising money to save the sign needed 12.5 million big ones to buy up the space around the landmark in order to prevent expensive homes from being constructed on top of, arguably, the most recognizable mountain peak in the US. 

Sure, it'd be a shame to block the view of the horizon by adding a bunch of homes or whatever.  And, as Ellen DeGeneres pointed out on her show today, why do we have to "develop" every last remaining speck of natural habitat?  Fair points. 

But that's not why they were trying to save it.  They were just worried about the set of giant letters that are the primary physical representation associated with the most superficial and fake neighbourhood in the entire United States of America - perhaps the world. 

So, as of yesterday, the do-gooders raising money to save the damn thing were just shy of the 12.5 million dollar mark.  But last night, someone (Hugh. friggin. Hefner.) stepped in at the last minute and donated the remaining $900,000 needed.  Woopdi-do, Basil. 

Ok, great, the sign will live on.  That's fine.  I'm good with that.  What I'm wondering is why anyone donated any money to this "cause" in the first place.  Priorities, people. 

And why is Hugh Hefner the idiot who saves the day?  If you were as rich as Hugh Hefner, to whom would you choose to donate your $900,000 in pocket change?  Does he even care about anything?  I doubted it, so I Googled him.  

According to Wikipedia, Hugh has supported: a) some cinematic arts; b) that controversial autism campaign Jenny McCarthy was running; and, c) the First Amendment (ie, freedom of speech).  

Those are some pretty rockin philanthropic contributions.  Way to support society, Hugh.  And now you can add "Hollywood sign" to the list.  Score.   

Search for 'the peak has been saved' video clip on the Ellen web page: 
Ellen show - Save the Peak

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