Friday, 5 April 2013

Hubby darling, play me a tune

One of my absolute favourite things about Hubby?  He plays the gui-tar.  Scratch that, he doesn't play it, he masters it.  He's really quite remarkable on that friggin thing.

Sometimes I beg him to for the love of god put that thing down already, but most of the time Hubby's guitar playing is the highlight of my day.  Neither one of us can wait until he teaches our little girl to play along with him. (I'll just watch.  And continue to pretend I know how to sing.)

If you know any guitarists, especially any good ones, you know they usually have a few key influences.  In Hubby's case, John Mayer is the go-to.

Now.  You might not appreciate John Mayer. Sure, sometimes he comes across as kind of a douche, and you might not even like his sometimes cheesy tunes.  However, in case you don't already know, I'm here to tell you that John Mayer's skills on six strings are very nearly unmatched.

Often to my particular frustration, John Mayer has become the backdrop to our lives.  Mr Mayer was playing when Hubby and I decided to tie the knot.  Uncle D quoted him at our wedding ceremony... This is not roman candle, firework, Hollywood, hot pink love; this is I got your BACK love.  Not to mention every goddam road trip of all time.  And of course, without fail, every. single. one. of Hubby's daily guitar sessions.

Despite the over-exposure, I have what one could call a soft spot for those tunes, so naturally I was glad to see John perform on Ellen this week.  Watching him play his new bluesy song Olivia, I learned something: As it turns out, it isn't John Mayer's guitar that I love - it's Hubby's, when he plays Mayer's stuff.

So when I went upstairs, I made of point of sharing this tidbit with my dear husband, for which I was greatly rewarded...

As if I didn't love him enough already, my darling set me up with a full-fledged bedroom concert to entertain me while I showered, complete with Strat, amplifier, vocals, harmonica, and pedal board.

Oh, how much I adore him - even when he's been a total wiener on three separate occasions that day.


  1. Awwwwww!!! You two rule. Love this reckless show of love!

  2. Husby is HOT. Husby that plays guitar? even HOTTER!
    You are one lucky lady! I bought Brant a guitar last year for our anniversary but between buying a house, working a full time job, and helping raise three little boys he hasn't had any time to learn to play :( maybe one day tho!

    P.s. John fucking Mayer!! Love him :)

    1. Ha! Is is adroable. Learning guitar as an adult is hard enough, let alone a busy adult! I won't even try. Sometimes I strum while Hubby plays the chords though :)

  3. So sweet! I hate John Mayer a little less now.

  4. I *heart* your hubby. Almost as much as you.

    BTW - text me your address please lovey... I have a surprise for you

  5. I'm one of those who thinks John Mayer is of the douche kind but this was so sweet. Wow, there must be a dust storm coming through because I'm getting teary. :)