Thursday, 22 November 2012

Careful where you pee

At work today, before a meeting, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I started to put toothpaste on my toothbrush, and then behind me, in the mirror, I saw a colleague come out of one of the stalls. A male colleague.  In the women's washroom. 

I didn't even notice right away.  I said "Oh, hi! How are you?" and then it clicked. 

However, being the kind and compassionate person that I am, I decided not to point it out.

But then the conversation kept going.  How has my week been so far? Have I been on a business trip lately?  Am I going to this meeting too?  Are we late?

I kept chatting, sort of brushing my teeth in between sentences. 

Finally, he made a move for the door. 

And then he stopped.  Stopped dead.  Looked up.  Stared at me.  Stared at the door.  Stared back at me...



Realization sinking in... slowly.  Surely his brain was taking its time to compute how this whole scenario was even possible.  This conversation should not be occurring in this particular place. The elevator, sure. The cafeteria, of course. But the washroom?  Huh.  Surely she's the one in the wrong bathroom.  But no, this is her floor. They must be co-ed bathrooms.  No, that doesn't make sense.  ...

It took him a while, but he did eventually come to grips with reality. 

"Oh my.  I'm so sorry."

"It's fine.  No harm done."

I just couldn't for the life of me figure out how he didn't notice when he walked in and there were no urinals, and he must have wondered what those little mailbox-type garbage cans in the stalls were for.

I didn't bring it up at the meeting.  I didn't want to embarrass the poor fucker. 

But I did proceed to tell everyone on my team afterward. 

And then I blogged about it. 

I'm no saint. 


  1. hahahaha. maybe, just maybe, he is transitioning to a woman. wait. did I just say that

  2. That's about as awkward as it gets. I walked into a women's bathroom at the hospital. I walked right past the man standing at the urinal doing what you think he'd be doing. He turned his head a bit as I continued past into the stall. Then it hit me. It was a co-ed bathroom and he had forgotten to lock the door.

  3. I think it's only fair - we stumble into the men's rooms at bars when the line-ups are too long for the women's. Or is that just me?

    (Miss you too, in a totally lesbian way. Usually)

    1. Well sure, women can do it. But I'm a real fan of the double standard.


  4. I remember when I was in school, we actually had a male teacher walk into the ladies room.. He turned about 14 shades of red before a sudden green..and ran.. yea.. we laughed all through science class the rest of the year.. and got "A"s. BONUS..

    1. Best way to get ahead is to make men feel uncomfortable! ;)

  5. Hahaha! Maybe he has a fetish for watching women brush their teeth and knew EXACTLY what bathroom he was in. Pervert.

    1. I wouldn't actually be all that surprised...

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