Monday, 20 September 2010

Tuxedo is awesome too

Hubby and I have never thought of Tuxedo as the smart cat.  Cute, absolutely.  Lively, sure.  Clever, not so much.  

Patches is older, more seasoned.  She understands the world and doesn't really care about it.  She's not easily confused, or easily scared, and she understands the patterns of day-to-day life.  She comes when you call her, doesn't try to escape into the yard, and gets off the coffee table when you say "Paaatch" in a slow, deep tone of voice.  She might swing her paw at a string if you dangle it near her resting spot, but she'll never go out of her way to catch an inanimate object.   Patch generally takes care of herself.  She gets it.

Tuxedo, by contrast, has a lot to learn.  He's young and inexperienced.  He rarely knows what's going on, and he's always in a panic about it.  He's easily baffled, always timid/terrified, and seems to fly by the seat of his pants.  He knows his name and sometimes responds to it (when you say it a certain "Tux-EEE-doe" way), but he doesn't really know the rules, let alone follow them.  He will chase a string or a reflection or his own damn shadow, and he carries his "rope baby" around the house every evening while chirping and crying like a dying parrot.  He needs Patch to take care of him.  He's lost.  

When Patch caught the mouse (crunch, crunch, crunch), he sat in the corner and watched her mangle it, face first.  When he stands still, he holds up his front left paw - never the right one.  When people come over, he cowers.  When he manages to escape to the outdoors, he runs to the nearest shrub and hides beneath it.  When you wiggle your toe under the covers, he takes off like the wind.   

And today, when he and Patch came home from the vet, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why he belongs to me... he proved that he, too, is totally awesome.  

Today after returning from the vet clinic, Tuxedo spent the entire day and evening following Patch around and smelling her ass.  Yep, sniffing her and presumabley trying to determine why she looks and acts the same, but smells quite different.  He kept walking over to her and smelling her carefully, and then following that up with a quick and irritable hiss directed her way.  


Patches just ignores him.  She simply wanders away without even really noticing how ridiculous he is.  He's an idiot and she knows it, and she just goes about her business without paying him any mind.  Clever kitty.          


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