Friday, 10 September 2010

Commuter Chronicles - Tickets vs Triskets

I usually buy a monthly bus pass.  It’s 91 freaking dollars.

I don’t have to buy a monthly pass - I can buy individual bus tickets instead.  The tickets don’t expire, but they'd end up being more expensive than a pass if I ride the bus every day.

Since I took vacation last month, I bought tickets instead of an August pass.

At the beginning of September I had some tickets left over, so decided that I’d just use tickets for September too.  Whatever.  No big deal.  The cost difference wouldn’t interfere with my retirement savings or anything.

There is a problem with tickets though: you have to get on at the front of the bus, which is less convenient than just hopping on through the back doors.

And when Labour Day hit, and all of a sudden there are 1000 extra people on the goddam bus every day (students, and people no longer on vacation), by the time I had submitted my ticket, there were no friggin seats left.

Pain in the ass.

So yesterday I decided I would get a September pass.  Which sucks, because now I’ve spent a bunch of money on tickets and will just re-spend that money for a pass that dates back to the beginning of September.

Whatever, it’s more convenient. 

I just “ran in” to Pharma Plus on my way home to buy my pass. 

Well, I end up in line behind a lady who, for whatever effing reason, is buying all her goddam groceries at the freaking pharmacy.  Not just a few items – but a whole cart filled to the brim with boxes of crap.

What is that about, anyway?  Who does all their household shopping at Pharma-friggin-Plus?  Ridiculous.

Whatever.  I’ll just wait and get it over with, I thought.

Well, then she starts pulling out her coupons.

Are you kidding me?

She has coupons for all her crap… which is probably why she’s buying it all in the first place.  Idiot.

And THEN, the cashier has to ring in two or three separate purchases in order to get the coupon deal on all her friggin Trisket crackers.

Oh my god.

So I’m standing there for, like, 10 minutes while she stacks a bunch of shit on the little counter and the ugly little cashier rings in her junk.  And the whole time, I’m thinking: “If I leave now, will it be faster to go to the grocery store instead…?"

The lady finally leaves - with her cart of Triskets - and I ask for a regular adult buss pass.

“We don’t have any.  Sold out.”

You are effing JOKING.

So I end up going to the grocery store smoke shop and standing behind three guys buying tobacco and one guy checking 50 lottery tickets with that damn machine singing the little “you win” song every 10 seconds.

I don’t even know what else to say.  I think the commuter gods are punishing me for chronicling my commuter hell on this blog.


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