Thursday, 22 July 2010

Why walk when you can ride?

Have you ever heard of Neil Rideout?

Of course you haven't.  Neither had I.

And then I heard today that Mr Rideout, a 42-year-old from New Waterford, Nova Scotia, was ticketed under the province's Motor Vehicle Act this week.  Bummer.

He was riding a motorized vehicle on the sidewalk that, according to police, is not permitted under the Act.  His vehicle can go up to 50 km/h, but he apparently prefers to keep it between 5 and 10.  He often rides it to the local Tim Horton's.

What's interesting about Mr Rideout is that his motorized vehicle is unusual.

It isn't your typical scooter or mini-jeep.

It's a cooler.

Yes, a motorized drink cooler.

Mr Rideout has souped up his "Xtreme Cooler", increasing the horsepower, reinforcing the suspension, and adding an mp3 jack.

He says the cooler, which costs about 3 bucks to gas-up, is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than driving his Chevrolet Impala around town.

When the cop pulled him over - on the sidewalk - and asked Mr Rideout if he could search the "vehicle", the officer must have been pleased to find nothing but a combination lock and half a bottle of Orange Crush inside.

Can I just take a moment to point out how utterly hilarious this is?  It's the most remarkably absurd (and yet side-splitingly comical) thing I've heard in months.

Can you picture him?  This silly 42-year-old Easterner riding a motorized red cooler down the sidewalk - complete with bike helmet and headphones?  Priceless.  I can't get enough of that image.

Not to mention that I think it's effing brilliant.  Why walk, when you can ride?  And why not have your cold drink with you while you're at it?

Thankfully, Mr Rideout intends to fight the 222-dollar ticket he received.  He feels he's being discriminated against.  "I just wish they'd focus on criminals, and not coolers." 

Read the whole story here

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