Friday, 16 July 2010

I got the bluuuuees….

I’m not usually a weeknight adventurist, but last night we ventured outwardly.  Bluesfest 2010, baby.  Oh yeah. 

You’ve likely not heard of him, but Derek Trucks is hugely popular among guitar players/lovers.  Unlike most of the Bluesfest acts, Derek actually plays blues.  He’s a blues slide guitarist.  And he’s amazing.

He’s currently touring with his wife, Susan Tedeschi.  Susan plays guitar too, and has an incredible classic blues voice.

So, of course Hubby had to see them.

We met some friends for dinner, and after backtracking a bit to retrieve the tickets that I forgot (yes, I’m awesome), we made our way through the crowds into the festival.

First we watched Mathew Good.  Neither of us are fans, really, but he has a few good tunes.  Part of my problem is that I’m remarkably un-tall, so I can barely see anyway.  Hubby was just yawning like a big baby the whole time.

We left Matt Good’s stage early to get a good spot at the Trucks stage.  A perfect spot, actually - close, but on a hill (so I could see) and at the edge so we weren’t totally suffocated by people on all sides.

Before the concert started, Hubby was totally antsy with anticipation.  Like a crazy person.  He kept saying “I can’t believe we’re this close to Derek Trucks!” and “Oh, look, that’s Derek’s guitar!... and there’s Susan’s!”

He was pretty much quivering.  No word of a lie.

And you know what?  I don’t blame him.  What a friggin AWESOME show.  Derek slides and solos on that guitar as if it’s simply an extension of his body.  And Susan's voice is perfect.  And they have a wicked cool band, including a male singer with a fro who can reach low bluesy tones as expertly as he can reach high Michael Jackson falsettos.  And a bassist who grooved like you wouldn’t believe.  And two drummers.  TWO.

When the show ended, Hubby was pulling on my arm to leave.  Not because he knew I had to work in the morning, but because Derek and Susan were going to be at the merchandise tent signing autographs.

So he rushed me along through the crowds, having little to no patience with our friends who didn’t quite understand the urgency.

We got in line and I held his place why he found something to buy that they could sign.  A cd was the final decision.  He then held a conference to determine where they should sign it.  On the front cover, or the inside cover?  Maybe on the top of the disk?  On this lighter patch here?  Or would they have a white marker for that darker patch there?

Adorable. And so much fun.

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