Saturday, 7 September 2013

Dear Fraggle - Volume 2

Hello again my dear.  I wrote to you a few weeks ago, and here I am again because I have some new thoughts I want to share.

You will be nine weeks old this Monday.  NINE WEEKS.  I don't have a friggin clue how that happened, but here we are.

The first couple weeks with you were an impossible gong show.  The following four were pretty good - life abounded with small victories and I regained a small semblance of sanity.  You learned so many neat things...

You grabbed stuff - like really reached out and GRABBED it - and then you pulled.   Hard.

You started standing.  Ok, not standing, per se, but extending your legs and pushing off while we held you up.  Your little head and neck got so strong.  Hubby and I predict that you won't really crawl, rather you'll start walking around holding onto our fingers.  Mark our words.

And the piéce de la resistance:  SMILES.  You, my sweet little koalacorn, learned to smile.  You do it all the time.  You grin when you wake up and I lean over your bed.  You grin when I change your diaper in the front window sill.  You grin. At me. And then I melt.

Then the six-week mark hit.  One day I was saying to people "Nah, she never really cries..." And all of a sudden, well, you cried.  It's like you just learned how and you simply had to show off your new skill.  Huh. What a novel idea Mom.  If I cry you'll notice me?  COOL.

And so it went, you crying (and probably spurtishly growing) for 10 days straight.  Hubby and I thought we'd go crazy.  I mean, you were still cute as all-get-out, but holy hell girlie.

Here's the good part though.  After your 6 week vampire conversion, you were the sweetest little angel.  Your dad and I were over the moon having our lovely little darling back again.

For three days.  Three days you were a perfect little doll.  By the fourth day you made a pretty big life decision. No more naps, you said to me one day, and then you cried and cried and cried all the livelong day.

Now.  Here is some advice for you my sweet:

When you are old like me, you will adore, nay, RELISH, any single solitary chance to NAP.  You may nap on a bench in the sun during your lunch break.  You may nap at your desk in the afternoon, with your hand on your mouse so your colleagues think you're working.  You may nap at a friend's house.  You may nap on the bus.  You may nap on a couch, on a pool floatie, on a lawn chair at Home Depot.

When you are old like me, you will not only wish you had more time to nap, but you will wish you capitalized every previous napping opportunity as the precious gift that it is  because naps are cumulative, and priceless.  So nap now, my sweet.  Enjoy it while you can.

I love you Fraggle,

PS Please nap.


  1. So true and so sweet. I think it's karma kicking our asses because we gave our moms hell for not napping when we were younger. I actually said sorry to my mom for that when the hummingbird was a baby. Ha! xx

    1. I've always been a napper! I love it. It makes my life worth living.

  2. Me again. When Avery was 6 weeks old, my mom came to visit and told me that they really grow up so fast. I thought "Yeah, right, what does my mom know.". LOL! But they really do. You just blink and BOOM, they're grown.

    When my kid was a baby, I couldn't wait for her to talk and walk... etc. Next thing I know, she's 4. Holy shit! Enjoy every minute... it sounds like you already do. Much love to you.

    1. Thank you dear. I try to make mental notes of all her cute little milestones.

  3. "Hush little Fraggle, don't say a word. v's gonna buy you a mockingbird. And if that mockingbird don't sing, v's gonna buy you a diamond ring. And if that diamond ring turn black, v's gonna buy you a looking glass." My lullaby to your baby girl. Chances of me helping put her down from Toronto. Minimal. Chances of you feeling supported from 500 KMs away? Hopefully good :) xo

    1. As i said on the twitter, I actually DO sing her this song before every single nap! And I added a bunch:

      Buy you a ruby crown, is fake/
      Find you a crystal lake, turns dark/
      Build you a Noah's arc, should sink/
      Make you a hockey rink, should melt/
      Knit you a handmade quilt, should fray/
      Pimp you a Chevrolet, should stall/
      You'll still be the sweetest little Fraggle of all!