Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My mother-in-law totally gets me

It's true.  She may not always agree with me ( I don't think - although I have no idea why, given that I'm of course always exactly right), but after 10 years as part of her family she has managed to figure out my sick sense of humour.

A couple of weeks ago she sent me an email complaining about the R-tard sales girl at a local shop who seemed to think it was totally reasonable to place a sample of liquid hand soap out on the cashier's counter.  HAND SOAP.  LIQUID. You know, along with the hand lotion.  So Ma-in-law would pump liquid soap on her hands while standing in line at the cash.  PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS. 

She also sent me these genius ecards which continue to make me smile and nod in agreement every time I see them in my inbox. 

I basically AM each of these people.  Except Freud.  Although he does seem to be speaking my language on this one.


  1. haha.. those are great cards.. I might have to steal them.

  2. I may need card number three today.. I just posted on Facebook in response to all the copy-and-pasters about christmas and the national anthem. I expect some backlash.

  3. OMG I LOVE the last one. I really needed some smiles today, and this post totally took care of that. THANK YOU :)

  4. Your mother-in-law rocks. As do you. Like-minded seem to gravitate together huh?

    Heeeeey, that means I rock too. SWEET

  5. Jaime - Steal away!

    Yandie - I live for backlash :) Nice job.

    Ang - You're welcome hon. I needed these too.

    Carm - So true. And yes, you do!

  6. That last one cracks me up. I think mostly because I am surrounded by A-holes. Sigh.

    I am in love with your MIL by the way. She sends you these??? I am jealous.

  7. I must admit that I am pretty jealous you have such an awesome MIL...I on the other hand do not. If I sent her one of those cards she would call my husband to let him know I offended her and that I am evil and must be killed. (Ok, that might have been just a little of an exaggeration)

  8. Lizbeth - It is pretty cool that she sends these to me, eh?

    Laura - agreed.

    Paula - Oh no! I hope your hubby would tell her where to go! ;)

  9. I love the cards. And your relationship with your MIL. It makes life a whole lot easier when you have a good relationship with your in-laws, doesn't it?

  10. I want a roll of stickers that read "FAIL" so that every time I see a stupid sample like the liquid soap at the register or the conditioner at my local BX I can just slap a big red FAIL on it right then and there.

  11. Bwahaha I'm in love with all of those, and your MIL! Those are just awesome.

  12. chick - It sure does.

    Ashes - Right?! FAIL stickers would be amazing. I would run out very quickly.

    Lin - They still make me laugh every time.