Thursday, 7 October 2010

We're a whole family of AWESOME

We were just about to go to bed the other night, and Hubby was feeding the cats.  

He reached up to get the plastic container of food out of the kitchen cabinet, and then this happened:

Wow, Hubby, you're awesome too.  

Hilarious and awesome.   

And we have to put the food back in the bin, because Patches and Tuxedo are royalty, and their food costs more than ours does. 

But they don't mind.  It's all part of being part of the family.  We're a whole family of awesome.  It's a group effort to be as awesome as we are.  

And even more awesome when Hubby has to stick a giant folk under the stove to find the left-over pellets - or at least try to find the left-over pellets... Tuxedo is still emerging from the kitchen periodically with a new-found pellet that was previously unbeknownst to us.  

There's really nothing else to say. 

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